Reasons Why Belly Dancing Is Good For You

belly-dance-israelity-3001Belly dancing is undoubtedly one of the most exciting dances in the world. Its popularity spans across many decades as well as geographical regions. This is why Egyptian Pharaohs, Roman emperors, Persian Kings and British royalty seem to have known about it. Many people refer to it using different names including the oriental dance, the Egyptian dance, the Middle Eastern dance or the Arabic dance. Other more technical names for it include Raks Sharki and Raqs baladi. Contrary to popular opinion, belly dancing is not just about entertainment but it also leads to numerous health benefits for the dancer. Here are some of those benefits.

Improves Your Muscular Tone and Body Posture

belly_dancerBelly dancing is a dance that involves a lot of muscular movement especially when it comes to your hips, lower back, legs and arms. These and other parts of your body develop an even muscle tone that increases the level of strength and stamina in your body. It is also important for you to note that the movements you would make during a belly dance involve moving your spine as you move your hips and upper torso. These movements lead to flexibility and strength in your spine that allows you to sit or walk in an upright manner. Another observation noted by experts is the fact that belly dancing seems to reduce the intensity of lower back pain if you have it.

Leads to Weight Loss

Obesity is an endemic medical condition in contemporary society with over two billion people suffering from it. Belly dancing can keep your weight at an optimum level or reduce your weight to an optimum level if you are already overweight. This happens because belly dancing burns more than 300 calories each hour on average. You can do this easily because belly dancing is fun, you can even adopt it as a hobby once you reach the desired weight level. Remember, you should pursue other weight loss measures such as a proper diet belly dance while you belly dance.

Eases the Childbirth Process

Belly_Dancer(10)Women have a hard time when it comes to childbirth because their abdominal and pelvic muscles are weak. As mentioned earlier, belly dancing increases your muscular tone including your pelvic and abdominal muscles. This means that belly dancing can be a special type of prenatal exercise for expectant mothers. In addition, belly dancing can be an excellent postnatal exercise because it restores the muscular tone of your abdominal muscles. Ease your childbearing process by taking up this unique form of dancing today. You can also take up belly dancing as an activity that helps you pass time.

Reduces Your Stress Levels

Nowadays, people feel pressured in all aspects of life including work, relationships and studies. Belly dancing can help you ease the pressures of life by giving you something to focus on. This new focus will reduce your stress levels and give you something to cherish in a world full of despair. These are just some of the reasons why belly dancing is good for you. Other reasons include its ability to improve your flexibility and breathing. Go on. Take up belly dancing today now that you know why belly dancing is good for you.

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