How To Learn Belly Dancing At Home

Belly dancerYou can know how to learn belly dance at home with the help of the right advice. Belly dancing is not difficult to learn and we are going to show you how. This kind of dancing, original from the Middle East, is boith versatile and unique. Belly dancing is not just a great sort of dancing, it will tones the muscle of your body – it is also a great exercise. You will be able to arouse the interest of your partner if you know how to move your belly the right way. We are going to talk about how to learn belly dance at home here.

Clothing and music

The type of clothing you use for belly dancing must be both comfortable and modern. Loose, long shirt and skirts will be fine. Music from the Middle East will be played. You will learn the rythm of this sort of dancing with the help of this music – it will also help you set the mood. Buy the music online or at your nearest music store.

Head and warming up

Warm up before getting stared with belly dancing. It is essential for you to loose your body up as soon as you can. While keeping the right head level, move the head in circles. Clockwise must be the first move, and then do it counterclockwise. Moving from left to right, slide the head. Both your nose and your head must be pointing straight ahead.

Shoulder, ribs, belly and hips

Move shoulders in circles. You must also work your ribs. Do not even more your hips, and slide your ribcage from one side to the other. It is also important to roll your belly right away. Shymmy the hips to get a little bit hippy – circle the hips too.

Local instructors

There are lots of directories out there you can use to find a local instructor to teach you belly dancing at home. They are much better than watching videos at YouTube and other things. You will learn how to move your body by using the right techniques and postures. You need to be aware of the fac that serious injuries might come if you do these exercises the wrong way – we mean the exercises related to belly dancing. We cannot stress enough the fact that live lessons is what you need to get from a local instructor. But do not get me wrong, the other methods are just supplemental ways of getting things done and you learn the important stuff in your live sessions – you will not get any sort of feedback watching YouTube videos.

We have talked about how to learn belly dance at home, and you can use the Internet to learn it for free. However, learning from a local instructor might be the best thing to do as you will get the all important feedback. Your instructoir will teach you the right techniques and postures so as to make you avoid injuries in the future – keep this advice in mind.

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