Belly Dancing Guide For Beginners

Belly DancingBelly dancing is one of the Middle Eastern dancing styles which serves the essential purpose of working out and toning every part of the body. It has also found a new strain of benefits in relationships whereby it is used by lovers to establish a stronger bond by arousing the partners. A guide to belly dancing involves mastery of some basic folkloric moves native to North America. One then ought to master the basic manner in which the feet move in order to execute the styles as expected. Things such as proper placement of the head, rhythm and movement of the arms should as well be coordinated in order to gain proficiency in belly dancing. For a more detailed approach, consider the following belly dancing guide for beginners:

Proper dressing

An amateur will only get into the tune and mood of belly dancing after incorporating the recommended dancing attire. A belly dancing costume is something that you will create for yourself. There is no limitation as to what you should put on but some trends are highly recommended. For instance, long and loose skirts are very nice. The most essential thing with regard to dressing is feeling comfortable.

Collect the music

You don’t expect to learn belly dance with the help of reggae music. For a serious beginner, collect some music from Middle East and ensure it is specifically belly dance music. This genre of music will set the mood and make the dance easier because you are fully guided in mastering the rhythm. Online sources such as YouTube are also rich in belly dancing music and can make good sources. With the resource at hand, ensure you begin at a simple stage where you fight to understand the rhythm.

Engage in warm-up workouts

Belly dancing is known to engage a combination of different muscles, some of which you never even exercise in your everyday workouts. Before you delve into belly dancing, therefore, ensure you loosen up different parts of your body through exercise. Head rolls for instance could set you up for the real belly dance.

Beginning from the head

A complete and coordinated belly dance starts with mastering how the head should move. As a novice, move your head in circles and learn what it takes to keep it level. Try moving the head in a clockwise direction until you are fully comfortable then shift ways to the anticlockwise direction. At any given direction, ensure the nose as well as head level are straight-pointed.

Make use of shoulders and roll the belly

7After positioning the head by moving it in different directions, it is time you moved to the shoulders before you finally dance the belly. Move the shoulders up, down and sideways as you gradually vary the speed in order for the impact to be felt around the rib cage. The real act of belly dancing then begins as you start to roll the belly. Pull in the top and bottom parts of your belly and then release them. Release the top before you do the same with the bottom part. Increase the speed slowly until belly rolling becomes natural.

In summary, there are several logistics which go into belly dancing. For a beginner, however, the belly dancing guide for beginners could set the pace for professional belly dancing. Even so, never forget to involve the hands and arms as you also pick up some finger dancing symbols.

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