Reasons Why Belly Dancing Is Good For You

belly-dance-israelity-3001Belly dancing is undoubtedly one of the most exciting dances in the world. Its popularity spans across many decades as well as geographical regions. This is why Egyptian Pharaohs, Roman emperors, Persian Kings and British royalty seem to have known about it. Many people refer to it using different names including the oriental dance, the Egyptian dance, the Middle Eastern dance or the Arabic dance. Other more technical names for it include Raks Sharki and Raqs baladi. Contrary to popular opinion, belly dancing is not just about entertainment but it also leads to numerous health benefits for the dancer. Here are some of those benefits.

Improves Your Muscular Tone and Body Posture

belly_dancerBelly dancing is a dance that involves a lot of muscular movement especially when it comes to your hips, lower back, legs and arms. These and other parts of your body develop an even muscle tone that increases the level of strength and stamina in your body. It is also important for you to note that the movements you would make during a belly dance involve moving your spine as you move your hips and upper torso. These movements lead to flexibility and strength in your spine that allows you to sit or walk in an upright manner. Another observation noted by experts is the fact that belly dancing seems to reduce the intensity of lower back pain if you have it.

Leads to Weight Loss

Obesity is an endemic medical condition in contemporary society with over two billion people suffering from it. Belly dancing can keep your weight at an optimum level or reduce your weight to an optimum level if you are already overweight. This happens because belly dancing burns more than 300 calories each hour on average. You can do this easily because belly dancing is fun, you can even adopt it as a hobby once you reach the desired weight level. Remember, you should pursue other weight loss measures such as a proper diet belly dance while you belly dance.

Eases the Childbirth Process

Belly_Dancer(10)Women have a hard time when it comes to childbirth because their abdominal and pelvic muscles are weak. As mentioned earlier, belly dancing increases your muscular tone including your pelvic and abdominal muscles. This means that belly dancing can be a special type of prenatal exercise for expectant mothers. In addition, belly dancing can be an excellent postnatal exercise because it restores the muscular tone of your abdominal muscles. Ease your childbearing process by taking up this unique form of dancing today. You can also take up belly dancing as an activity that helps you pass time.

Reduces Your Stress Levels

Nowadays, people feel pressured in all aspects of life including work, relationships and studies. Belly dancing can help you ease the pressures of life by giving you something to focus on. This new focus will reduce your stress levels and give you something to cherish in a world full of despair. These are just some of the reasons why belly dancing is good for you. Other reasons include its ability to improve your flexibility and breathing. Go on. Take up belly dancing today now that you know why belly dancing is good for you.

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What Is Tribal Belly Dancing

tumblr_mbmmdau6Pa1r3y80jo1_400Belly dancing is one of the most popular dance forms, which is specifically loved and appreciated for its sensuality and bright colors. This form of dancing which is particularly based on abdominal movement or articulation of the torso and hips is again of various types depending on the country or region.

Tribal Belly Dancing:

What is tribal belly dancing can be answered with perfection if one knows that this form of belly dancing is specifically performed in groups. The tribal belly dancing can be performed during occasions like festivals or parades. The movements of tribal belly dancing are extremely beautiful and fluid which totally charms the viewers.


The costume that is worn during tribal belly dancing is a top called ‘choli’ accompanied by full skirts or wide legged pants gathered together at the ankles. The long skirts that are used during tribal belly dancing are generally tiered and largely layered. The skirts are generally very colorful and wide with tribal designs and prints on them. The top or ‘choli’ that is worn by these belly dancers are always very colorful and short, to make the belly visible. The visibility of the naval line of the dancer is of prime importance while selecting the perfect costume. Very often, the top or the ‘choli’ has a plunging neckline to give a more sensuous look to the dancers. Head gears, hair decorations, hip scarves, tassel belts and many such accessories also form a part of the costume to give a very bright and colorful look to the dancers. Lots of accessories are a trademark for tribal belly dancers, who often wear coined bras instead of ‘choli’ on top of their long and colorful skirts.


Emphasis on group performance during choreography rather than solo dance moves forms the base idea for answering the question what is tribal belly dancing. The movements that are used during the choreography are of two types, slow movements and fast movements. These are further explained as follows.

  1. Tribal belly dancing with slow movements: In this type, zils are worn by the dancers and the rhythm followed is generally slow. This requires a lot of practice and training since the group needs to dance in sync.
  2. Tribal belly dancing with fast movements: The zils are played during this form of dancing. The left-right-left pattern of belly dancing is most commonly used for practicing the fast movements. However, other variations like 9/8 Turkish rhythm, Moroccan 6 rhythm and others are also practiced during the fast movements of tribal belly dancing.

The improvisations to the original dancing format are done by every group according to their need, choreography and the music that is chosen for a specific dance.


What is tribal belly dancing could also be understood in detail by watching a few shows. A chorus groups generally provides a constant back drop during such dances and a specific duo, trio or quarters dances on the main focus. The dancers from the backdrop take their turns of replacing the dancers in the main focus during the dancing. Generally the dancers lean to their left during the dance to take the cues and instructions from their leaders to change position.


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Amazing Purposes Of Belly Dancing You Never Knew

What is the purpose of belly dancing? Well, this is a common question that many people have been looking answers for it. In fact, most of them have been visiting various online websites trying to find the exact solutions for the above question. However, due to scanty and little information available, most of them have ended up with futile results and have failed to understand the exact purpose of belly dancing. Nevertheless, if the above has been your concern, then, worry no more, as this article unveils amazing purposes of belly dancing you never knew.

However, before going into depth of the several purposes of the above dance, it is ideal for readers to have some brief highlights about the same. Well, most of the belly dancing performed in different parts of the world is not done on the stage, but rather, “regular” people at various or several social gatherings, such as weddings, parties, anniversaries, and any other social/special occasions, perform it. Indeed, many people just like belly dancing simply because they enjoy it- not because they want to lose weight or seduce men! You will be surprised to learn that the dance is enjoyed and celebrated by people of all shapes, ages, and sizes. However, belly dancing is more common in the Middle East and the surrounding Mediterranean regions.

More recently, belly dancing has become one of the entertaining, beautiful, expressive, and creative-art-form that has been praised for its countless purposes and the amazing health benefits it offers. In this regard, the following are some of the amazing purposes of belly dancing you never knew:

1. In the West, many people have been using belly dancing for the sole purpose of achieving a healthy body. It has been realized that belly dancing is one of the best workouts that is vital for body fitness. The following are some of the healthy achievements of the above dance:

  • Improved blood circulation, hence clearer and brighter skin
  • Improved suppleness
  • Increased joint flexibility
  • Deeper breathing leads to better circulation of oxygenated blood
  • Belly dancing is the most effective mechanism for calming and relaxation
  • It reduces stress
  • It is one of the best aerobic exercise workouts that ultimately burns excess fats, increases the rate of metabolism, and improves the resting-heart rate
  • The bell dance tones up all major muscle groups (thighs, legs, gluteal, calves, abdominals, back, upper arms, and so on)
  • It ultimately reduces cellulite
  • Belly dancers sleep better
  • Belly dancers have been known to experience less back pain
  • It eases PMT signs and symptoms
  • Belly dancers have good memory and make the best decisions
  • It finally prepares major muscle groups for women who are pregnant to assist them in the birthing process. Therefore, belly women dancers have been known to experience easier childbirth

nathalie_belly_dance_index2. Recent studies conducted reveals that most women in the Middle East have the other major purpose of belly dancing apart from the previous one, they believe that the dance allows them to ultimately express their femininity as they try to rediscover their stunning natural body movements, while looking great, beautiful, fun, and more so, feeling good. Indeed, the above will boost their self-esteem in a powerful yet gentle way. The overall result is the amazing body confidence they have.


The above are the major purposes as to why most people like belly dancing. Therefore, the above dance will continue to remain fame in the years to come due to its stunning purposes and benefits it offers to its dancers. Thanks.

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How To Learn Belly Dancing At Home

Belly dancerYou can know how to learn belly dance at home with the help of the right advice. Belly dancing is not difficult to learn and we are going to show you how. This kind of dancing, original from the Middle East, is boith versatile and unique. Belly dancing is not just a great sort of dancing, it will tones the muscle of your body – it is also a great exercise. You will be able to arouse the interest of your partner if you know how to move your belly the right way. We are going to talk about how to learn belly dance at home here.

Clothing and music

The type of clothing you use for belly dancing must be both comfortable and modern. Loose, long shirt and skirts will be fine. Music from the Middle East will be played. You will learn the rythm of this sort of dancing with the help of this music – it will also help you set the mood. Buy the music online or at your nearest music store.

Head and warming up

Warm up before getting stared with belly dancing. It is essential for you to loose your body up as soon as you can. While keeping the right head level, move the head in circles. Clockwise must be the first move, and then do it counterclockwise. Moving from left to right, slide the head. Both your nose and your head must be pointing straight ahead.

Shoulder, ribs, belly and hips

Move shoulders in circles. You must also work your ribs. Do not even more your hips, and slide your ribcage from one side to the other. It is also important to roll your belly right away. Shymmy the hips to get a little bit hippy – circle the hips too.

Local instructors

There are lots of directories out there you can use to find a local instructor to teach you belly dancing at home. They are much better than watching videos at YouTube and other things. You will learn how to move your body by using the right techniques and postures. You need to be aware of the fac that serious injuries might come if you do these exercises the wrong way – we mean the exercises related to belly dancing. We cannot stress enough the fact that live lessons is what you need to get from a local instructor. But do not get me wrong, the other methods are just supplemental ways of getting things done and you learn the important stuff in your live sessions – you will not get any sort of feedback watching YouTube videos.

We have talked about how to learn belly dance at home, and you can use the Internet to learn it for free. However, learning from a local instructor might be the best thing to do as you will get the all important feedback. Your instructoir will teach you the right techniques and postures so as to make you avoid injuries in the future – keep this advice in mind.

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Belly Dancing Guide For Beginners

Belly DancingBelly dancing is one of the Middle Eastern dancing styles which serves the essential purpose of working out and toning every part of the body. It has also found a new strain of benefits in relationships whereby it is used by lovers to establish a stronger bond by arousing the partners. A guide to belly dancing involves mastery of some basic folkloric moves native to North America. One then ought to master the basic manner in which the feet move in order to execute the styles as expected. Things such as proper placement of the head, rhythm and movement of the arms should as well be coordinated in order to gain proficiency in belly dancing. For a more detailed approach, consider the following belly dancing guide for beginners:

Proper dressing

An amateur will only get into the tune and mood of belly dancing after incorporating the recommended dancing attire. A belly dancing costume is something that you will create for yourself. There is no limitation as to what you should put on but some trends are highly recommended. For instance, long and loose skirts are very nice. The most essential thing with regard to dressing is feeling comfortable.

Collect the music

You don’t expect to learn belly dance with the help of reggae music. For a serious beginner, collect some music from Middle East and ensure it is specifically belly dance music. This genre of music will set the mood and make the dance easier because you are fully guided in mastering the rhythm. Online sources such as YouTube are also rich in belly dancing music and can make good sources. With the resource at hand, ensure you begin at a simple stage where you fight to understand the rhythm.

Engage in warm-up workouts

Belly dancing is known to engage a combination of different muscles, some of which you never even exercise in your everyday workouts. Before you delve into belly dancing, therefore, ensure you loosen up different parts of your body through exercise. Head rolls for instance could set you up for the real belly dance.

Beginning from the head

A complete and coordinated belly dance starts with mastering how the head should move. As a novice, move your head in circles and learn what it takes to keep it level. Try moving the head in a clockwise direction until you are fully comfortable then shift ways to the anticlockwise direction. At any given direction, ensure the nose as well as head level are straight-pointed.

Make use of shoulders and roll the belly

7After positioning the head by moving it in different directions, it is time you moved to the shoulders before you finally dance the belly. Move the shoulders up, down and sideways as you gradually vary the speed in order for the impact to be felt around the rib cage. The real act of belly dancing then begins as you start to roll the belly. Pull in the top and bottom parts of your belly and then release them. Release the top before you do the same with the bottom part. Increase the speed slowly until belly rolling becomes natural.

In summary, there are several logistics which go into belly dancing. For a beginner, however, the belly dancing guide for beginners could set the pace for professional belly dancing. Even so, never forget to involve the hands and arms as you also pick up some finger dancing symbols.

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